Cascadia Data Federation

Cascadia Data Federation brings together:

  • Data producers, who create high value data
  • Researchers and Data Scientists, who access and analyze data
  • Tech Providers, who host and visualize data, and who build and leverage analysis tools

We are currently growing our pool of partners and projects. Reach out to connect with us and learn more.


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About us

The Cascadia Data Federation came about when a group of friends working in different sectors of a data rich society realize we are all facing the same challenges in different ways:

  • Where can I find available data I may need?
  • How can I manage and share my data?
  • Who can help me horizontally integrate and analyze my data?
  • Which data models will help me visualize novel patterns in my data
  • How can I network better with people who are dealing with the same data challenges as myself and create a community to accelerate all of our missions?

Founding group

Jane Roskams – CSO, Executive Director of BRAIN Commons and Professor of Neuroscience, UBC

Phil Klein – Program Managing Director
Maia Hansen – Data Architect, Climate & Genomics Data Specialist
Matthew Trunnell – Data Commons Expert, CIO and VP of Fred Hutch
Lisa Cohen – Non-Profit Alliance Lead in Global Health